Ok, so this post was supposed to be posted before the last one. I thought I had, but I guess I had only gotten as far as uploading pictures…….

Well, a couple weeks ago I decided to attempt making sushi. For the record, I could count on one hand the few times I’ve eaten sushi. The first time I tried it was at the market a couple years ago. Then I had it a couple months ago from a sushi place downtown..and just a couple days ago for my birthday.  But my sushi making came before that, so it doesn’t even count in this case… In any case, my exposure to sushi has been very limited. I think I only found out what it was a couple years ago, and I’ve never actually tried anything with raw fish …  This time, I made a simple vegetarian version.

Sushi is actually a very broad term, including many different variations on sticky rice with other ingredient(s). There are many different names for the varieties, but what I made was just the western “California style” roll. I made some ” Uramaki”  style, which means the nori is on the inside of the rice roll, surrounding the veggies, and some the traditional way, with the nori on the outside.

First, I gathered ingredients…I bought nori sheets, avocado and rice from my work. I took several shortcuts..I didn’t use actual sticky rice; I just used short grain white rice and made it moister than normal. I didn’t have a sushi mat either; I made do with a bamboo placemat with saran wrap on top.

My sushi..ok, so they arent professional, but I thought they turned out pretty good considering it was my first attempt at making sushi 🙂

They were really simple to make. I toasted the nori over the element on the stove (being careful not to touch the element) for a few seconds until it turned green.  I made the rice by adding a bit of vinegar and sugar after the rice was cooked. Then I spread a thin layer of rice on top of the sheet, leaving 2 inches at the bottom and one inch at the top uncovered. I then placed a line of julienned avocado, carrot and cucumber (the carrot and cucumber was steamed for a minute or two first) down the middle. Carefully, I rolled everything up. It wasn’t hard actually. The roll was sealed by wetting the remaining inch of nori and sticking it down.  This completed the roll; and the only thing left was  to cut it. Each roll makes 6 pieces, and so beginning in the middle, it was cut using a knife dipped in water and vinegar. Then each piece was cut into thirds.

My first couple rolls of sushi, displayed in the steamer I used for the veggies.

Ta-da! My first attempt at sushi was finished!

One usually eats this sushi with wasabi sauce, soya sauce and pickled ginger. I only had tamari to eat with it, but it was still delicious…   They tasted almost as good as the other sushi I’ve had, but I think i put too much rice; the rolls were a bit too fat. I now know that you are supposed to eat each piece in one bite (with chopsticks).


New growth all around


Well, it has been a while since my first post. I’m not sure how much of a topic I should have before I post, so I wait and wait for the right time. Not to mention motivation…with me this is something that only comes in bursts; I either have it or I don’t.  I wish I could spread it out more evenly!
Not much has been happening lately.  I am still in my same routine of working, sleeping and minor tasks such as cooking and doing dished (no matter how much is cooked or whose been around, there always seems to be plenty of those), reading and going for the occasional bike ride or walk.

I love walking and being outdoors, though mostly my outdoor time consists of my 5 minute to and from work. As I was walking home today for lunch break, I enjoyed the church-bells announcing the noon hour. I live in a predominately French Catholic city, so there are churches on every corner. They are rather loud, and for the people who live close they must be somewhat irritating at times, but I rather like them. It makes me feel a bit as though I’m in a medieval town, where the church bell chimes to announce the hours and services. (Yes, I’m a fan of most things medieval- ok, so not chamber pots, death carts and the like {briing out your dead!!}).  The bells  were loud, stirring and spoke to me of life and activity.

Well, in other news, I may be getting the whole apartment to myself soon. Right now I live with one adult and one toddler; a month ago it was 2 adults and one toddler. By June or so I (hope) I will have the whole house to myself to decorate and use as my fancy takes me. I am excited about the prospect, and enjoying imagining what each room could be used for.  I want one room to be mainly open; I imagine putting music on and dancing when no one is around. It could also be used for yoga or other exercises. I want the sun porch room to have plants, books, a comfy chair to curl up in with said books, and my desk and computer would go in there as well. A nice, cosy place to be in alone. It does get cold in the winter time, so i don’t know how that would go…  Oh, and the kitchen, living room and bathroom would stay about the same I think; with new furniture though of course. I’m not sure what I would use the dining room for (that is currently converted into the toddler’s bedroom)..perhaps a dining room? Original, I know 🙂 I hope that I will be able to actually keep the house up, that it won’t become too much for me to take care of in addition to work and my French course.  Ah, yes: my French course! I decided (for the 586th time…) that I REALLY want to learn French, and this time I took the step to enroll in a beginning French course. Its 2 nights a week for 2 hours each night. It begins this Monday, and I am really anticipating it.  Since I live in aforementioned predominately French city, I find it frustrating not to be able to converse with customers in their language of preference. I’m tiring of answering “Parle tu Francais?” with “No, sorry…”.  Most people are extremely accommodating and quickly switch to English, but there are a few who really aren’t comfortable speaking English.  I’m a bit envious of those who are bilingual. Why not learn another language? Not only is it stimulating to the brain to learn something new, but French is spoken in many regions of the world, including parts of Europe and Asia….

With that I think I will conclude this post by saying “bonsoir!” and leaving to finish somethings before bed. 🙂

Hello world!

Bonjour mes amis!

This will not be anything particularly intellectual, informative or witty. I’m simply writing to encourage myself to write. I hope to post a variety of topics-from a good recipe or something interesting I learned lately to how I feel at the time. I am looking forward to my journey of discovery; both self and otherwise. I’m also looking forward to sharing it with you, my fellow readers. If you are reading this, I thank you for taking your important time to read what I have to say. I hope you won’t leave feeling you’ve wasted your time, though if you do, you can’t say you weren’t warned. 🙂