Craft fair, travelers and more on the house.

Well, this blog is due if not overdue, but I fear it will be a bit shorter than I would like it as it is getting late, and I won’t have much time to complete it. So…on to the interesting things.  My week has been quite full, if not overly exciting. There are a few highlights that I’ll share with everyone on here. Since my last blog post, (which was just posted tonight, but was written at least a week before) I have hosted a traveler from the Netherlands, gotten a visit from my Aunt and family, went to a U2 concert, and this weekend, went to a craft fair in the park just around the corner from me where my Aunt had a booth and hosted her for the nights while the craft fair was on. I have also managed to get a bit of house organization done…but not that much. Today, I got pretty much everything out of the sunroom, moved my papasan chair and set up my laptop at a little desk. Now, I think I’ll be spending a fair amount of time here as it is quite nice. It is surrounded by windows, most of which are open, subjecting my not objecting self to the fresh breeze and light patter of raindrops drifting in. I’ll enjoy the papasan chair to curl up in with a novel; a couple days ago I picked up “The Seeker”. a fictitious story of a young woman in Civil war era US who ends up joining the Shakers for a while.. The novel held some interest for me; I like historical fiction, and I liked the characters in this book.

Today, at the craft show, I got a pair of flip flops that are made African style, using recycled tires and leather, with beads for decoration. At only 15 dollars, I got a pair as they nicely happened to fit me. I had been looking at these sandals by Sole Rebels. Not quite the same style, but similar in that they are handmade using recycled tires. I like this idea. Plus, they seem very comfortable, and the lady assured me that they stand up to much use by women in Africa who walk long distances. This lady had come from Kenya to study accounting in New Brunswick, and her husband was the artisan who made the sandals and also the jewelry she was selling.

I also got a chance to sport fly-tied earrings made by my cousin who was also selling his wares along side my aunt. 


Wedding, bike trips, food, and house decorating

Wow, as usual it has been a long time since I have blogged any.  I hope to be doing this more regularly from now on(doesn’t everyone say that at least once?) and perhaps set a day aside that I post something, say Sunday evenings.  The reason for nor blogging more is not a lack of time, desire or topics…it is usually because I end up sidetracked and more often than not wasting my time somewhere like facebook.
I will just give a quick recap of what has been my summer up till now. I don’t mean for this blog to be simply a public diary, but sometimes a little background info as to what is going on in the blogger’s life is interesting as well.

In June, my room mate got married, so a lot of my extra time had something to do with that. It was really fun; I planned a little bridal shower at a local historical house for her. This was my first time planning any sort of event whatsoever, so I was pretty pleased that it all came together. I did leave inviting people a bit last minute, so not every one came, but still a decent amount. I did a bit helping to get the reception site for the wedding decorated. I thought lupins would make a good showy flower as they were in bloom and plentiful at the time. I was in the wedding as a bridesmaid too, so that was exciting and also new for me. It was a beautiful wedding; the bride released swallowtail butterflies in the park during the photoshoot which made for some cute photos with the bride and butterflies on her dress. It was a coolish day, so they had no desire to fly away right away.

In July, my room mate was preparing to move into her new house with her new husband, so the house was in a somewhat messy state most of the time. I took a couple weekends to go away. The first weekend in July I went to visit my parents and my aunt had a BBQ for everyone which was nice. The next weekend, I packed up my bike and went down to Hopewell cape for some camping. It took me about 4 hours to get to the camp site, me taking my time and stopping a couple times on the way.  That was a very nice weekend; I met a couple nice couples at the campground. One of them gave me extra blankets, which were gladly received as it was a cool wet weekend. The second couple were from Tasmania. I had a nice long talk with them about various topics during which I discovered that the man used to live beside my Granddad in Westbank B.C. ..small world eh?  I got to see the Hopewell flowerpot rocks, which I had not seen, even though I’ve been living in N.B. for 15 years. The next weekend I didn’t do any overnight trips, but I biked to Parlee beach in Shediac  which took me almost 2 hours each way.

This past weekend was mainly filled with helping my room mate move in to her new house. I now have  a spacious 2 bedroom apartment to myself for the time being, until I decide to get a room mate. I will probable be blogging quite a bit about decorating in the near future. I hope to have it looking mostly the way I want it by September.  I will post lots of before, during and after photos. Here, you can see the living room during the move and now how I quickly arranged everything yesterday. At least I have one peaceful room in the house, even if the others are chaotic at the moment! 🙂  I would like to make one of the rooms into an artsy type room where I can put up artwork, pictures of things and quotes of things that inspire me. This room could be used for dance, exercise, crafts etc.  The front sunroom I hope to make a cosy reading nook with plants and chairs and some art. This is what my room mate and I were planning on doing with the room a year ago, but because of various things, never really happened.  I also hope to paint the bathroom at some point. As you can see HERE, right now it is white on top with this rusty orange bottom. I like the color, but I feel that it would look better with a color change. I was thinking a light sandy brown on the bottom and a light green on the top part. Does anyone have any ideas?

I haven’t been cooking as much as i would like to, but here: are some dishes that I have made in the past month or so.  The first image is a pasta salad I made with some veggies and  imitation crab; it was actually pretty good, though I did add a bit too much onion. The second is a salad I had with sautéed sausage and mushrooms, I believe..   I just finished making a chocolate cake, but I won’t post any photos, because it wasn’t the greatest. I was in too much of a hurry ( I don’t have patience when it comes to waiting for cakes to cool!) so the cake fell apart a bit as I was taking it out of the pan. I cut it in two and put a layer of fresh strawberries and banana in the middle and then iced the outside with chocolate icing..we will see how it tastes tonight at bible study. Everyone continues to love the weekly cookies I make. Every batch is different; I never really know what I am going to end up with. I throw things together that I think would taste good together. Some batches turn out better than others, but they always seem to get eaten either way!

Well, thats it for now, but I’ll keep posting on how the re-decoration is going.

Peace and blessings to all!