Ever think of how one can always enjoy something more when they have participated in it? For example, I don’t enjoy hockey, likely in part  because I have never played it and do not really even know the rules. I never really was interested in shows like “dancing with the stars” but now that I have done a bit of salsa dancing, I believe I could appreciate it more. Probably the other way around is true as well; if you enjoy something you will be more likely to participate in it. I’ve always been a big reader, and even though I have never written, I have the desire to write to create what I love.

Speaking of salsa, tonight was the first class of a beginning salsa/merengue class that we went to that is a repeat of last year’s class. It is not too beginner for me as I I was dancing with a beginner guy and the instructor commented ” don’t you remember your footwork?” Er…apparently not as well as I’d like to say I can.  Well, practice makes perfect, and I haven’t had much really….

Hope to have a more interesting blog soon, but since I’m aiming at producing several per week, I may not always have the thoughts or time to say much.


New post

Well, here I am again. I did not mean to be absent for so long, but alas, I was. I hope that I’ll be able to keep more regular posts for a while.

My new-found inspiration for writing this blog came from a book called “the happiness project” by Gretchen Rubin. Some of you may have heard of it before; I was introduced by a member of a creative writing group at the library that I went to last Saturday. The book chronicles the year in the life  of the author as this mom of 2 delves into the idea of “happiness” and, more to the point, how she can live her life in a way that allows her to be happier. Okay, so the whole idea might sound a bit “gimmicky”, but I am finding it to be on the whole, an encouraging, enjoyable read. Check it out! (she also is on Facebook) If you are looking to read a book that encourages you to get off your butt and do some things around the house, and perhaps change your habits, this is a good one.(well it did that for me anyhow)

The creative writing group and the book club that I joined at the library will hopefully get me to write, read and experience things that I otherwise would not. In other words, challenge me and stuff like that! I currently have considerably more free time right now, so it will be more of a challenge to write later. So far the book club has gotten me reading; I’ve now read 216 pages of the 245pg novel “The Forgotten Garden“, by Kate Morton, which I am quite enjoying. A girl, found on a dock in 1913, raised by the people who found her; a girl told that she is not who she is; a woman searching for her past and a woman tracing back her grandmother’s search…all combined to make an interesting tale.  If I could, I would love to write stories one day, and I believe that regularly meeting with like-minded people will greatly assist that goal.

In other news….well, in December, I went on holiday with my bf Francis and we could say that we saw 5 english speaking countries in less than 3 weeks. Those being, Canada, USA, South Africa, Mauritius, and England. Quite a trip, quite the experience! Jam-packed full of fun events, commuting, minor stresses and great food. More on this another time…dun da dunn!

Lately, I’ve been hibernating from the chilly Canadian weather indoors, though its been more often than not warmer than typical winters here. Poor dog (oh yes, the house is now occupied by German Shepherd. Completely, from your nose to your toes, its there. Dog. Hair.) ..poor dog has not been walked nearly as I’d planned before he came to the apartment. Oh well… On the other hand, I did get and follow through with the inspiration of ice skating. I saw people skating and really had the urge to skate so I went on good ‘ol Kijiji, and found myself a pair, then went to the local park where they’d flooded a patch for skating. Well, I knew I wasn’t THAT good of a skater, but I’d forgotten just how little I knew. Result: falling on my knees several times. Ouch! Knee is blue for now, but it was totally worth it because I love the gliding feeling of being on the ice. Speaking of gliding…I’ve been more or less learning salsa dancing in the past few months. I say on and off, because it certainly has not been consistent, however I have learned quite a bit. Here is a link to a vid of one of the places I danced in Capetown…. The guy is John Morrison, owner of Que Pasa and a great teacher. I had one private lesson from him and I felt like I learned a lot in that short time.

Well, I think this will end my first post in a long time. More to come! (Soon!)

Peace, Liz