Ever think of how one can always enjoy something more when they have participated in it? For example, I don’t enjoy hockey, likely in part  because I have never played it and do not really even know the rules. I never really was interested in shows like “dancing with the stars” but now that I have done a bit of salsa dancing, I believe I could appreciate it more. Probably the other way around is true as well; if you enjoy something you will be more likely to participate in it. I’ve always been a big reader, and even though I have never written, I have the desire to write to create what I love.

Speaking of salsa, tonight was the first class of a beginning salsa/merengue class that we went to that is a repeat of last year’s class. It is not too beginner for me as I I was dancing with a beginner guy and the instructor commented ” don’t you remember your footwork?” Er…apparently not as well as I’d like to say I can.  Well, practice makes perfect, and I haven’t had much really….

Hope to have a more interesting blog soon, but since I’m aiming at producing several per week, I may not always have the thoughts or time to say much.


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