Blogging for success!

I’ve been pretty discouraged lately with myself. Why can I not get “more done”? I am *trying* to study basic Chemistry and basic Statistics while working. I see some friends on Facebook posting their weight loss/workout goals online, and giving updates on a regular basis. I thought what a great idea- once you post a goal for people to see, most people would be more likely to stick with it. Peer pressure- the good kind. I know I really enjoy reading of other people’s successes (and failures). It helps me to know other people are going through something similar, plus I can get good ideas to incorporate in my own life.

So, what I have in mind is to write a little bit every day I can on here, and update how my journey in school work is going.. Some days I might just write a line or two or post a photo.

Right now, my goal is to noticeably improve my study habits and routine in the next two weeks.


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