A day gone by…

Well, hi there! I’m just popping in to update how my studies are coming, as per my post yesterday, Blogging for success!. I really don’t have much of  interest to say, and I probably won’t most days, but I hope the overall picture will be one of improvement!

Today, I woke up a bit later than I had hoped(shortly after 8am). I did the usual, let the dogs out, got breakfast and a cup of hot coffee/chocolate combination. I was determined to get something studied before going to work at 9:30. I did  a few questions on a Stats assignment… After arriving at work, I had 45 minutes to spare, so I used that time as well. Work went by as it does..and on my way home I grabbed a slice of pizza at the supermarket, and went home to let the dogs out. Then it was off to my 3 hour class…

I realize that I’m really running out  of time to study, both in this week and for the courses themselves(I started them in September. I have till the end of Feb ’14 to complete them, but had hoped to be finished by January). I worked for an hour or so after getting home from the class. Now, its 12:30, and I should go to bed, so I can actually get out of bed when I wake up!


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