Monday and Tuesday make two

Well two days into the New Week. Today was my day off, so I cracked open the big ‘ol Chemistry Lab kit that I received a couple weeks ago. I did the first ‘make-sure-you-remember-how-to-do-a-lab experiment: The Candle Experiment. Its several simple exercises using a lit candle, some foil, ice and a couple jars. I really hoped to be done it real quick, so that I could do a ‘real’ experiment, but it took much longer than it was anticipated to  and *should have* taken. I just uploaded it to my tutor now.  I also went to class and did some stats.. But I’m constantly discouraged with myself for how little I get done.

Here’s some photos from my first ‘lab experiment’  P1080769P1080775Even though it was simple, I still learned something- tinfoil between the candle and the flame will actually cause the flame to go out. This is apparently because the combustion draws up oxygen, and so now the oxygen supply is cut off from the reaction. Something like that….



Well, I’m going to keep trying ~ harder~ Every day..


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