My Calibrated Morning

Well, last night I had the inspired idea to get up early and get one of my lab experiments done. I had been speaking to my mom the other night, and she suggested that I do the experiments consecutively, if possible. For some reason that really encouraged me. I was feeling down because I its almost December-and I had hoped to be almost done the entire course, and instead I have the entire set of labs to do, plus so much more. I jumped out of bed (after lying in bed for half an hour or more after my alarm went off…) around 7:15 and got to work. It was a simple lab, meant to get me used to measuring using flasks, vials, pipettes and a pan balance. I measured a gram of carbon, a gram of tin, and 5ml of water.

Still took longer than it ‘should’ have, but at least it is progress. I still have some of the write up to do…ick.



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