I am a 23 year old who happens to call South-eastern New Brunswick home. At least for now; I would love to travel. To anywhere at any time for any length of time…

I love God and hope to share the wonderful grace and love He showers on us.  How can I not love, forgive and give others, considering how He loves, forgives and gives me?

I love being outdoors, experiencing nature in all its forms, though I do enjoy calm, warm sunny days. Those are great for biking around and exploring.

I love animals, gardening, nutrition, science, music and literature.

I have no particular skills that are noteworthy. I live in a small city and work at a wonderful little health food store, with wonderful co-workers.

I’m not sure where God will take me in life, but I have a feeling it is going to be great!  Someone I was talking to recently defined success as doing what God has for them to do. I thought that was a simple, yet great definition.



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