Time..In memory…life

It is late at night; I am (supposed to be) studying. I was studying , trying to learn, when a certain person popped in my mind.  An old friend, more like a grand mother. I hadn’t heard anything about/from her for a couple years…  I searched her name on Google, and was saddened to see that she had passed away on March 25, just over a week ago. She had been a grandmother to me when I was very little, and even after I moved she always kept in touch, sending letters, photos and sometimes $20 for a treat. Until just a couple years ago, she still sent notes. I always hoped that I would see her in person again, one day, but that was not to happen. She was 92 when she passed away.

As I was pondering, I  realized that this March marks the 10th(!) anniversary of my maternal grandfathers passing. Wow. If he were still alive, he would be 98.

I wish there was a  way to keep all the good events and memories, and make them into something, like a patchwork quilt of joy..

Life is short, treasure every moment, even the sad ones…