What I learned doing schoolwork today…

ImageWell, today after work ( photo at right is my cubicle rosemary Christmas tree), and after eating supper…and watching  Homeland… I was studying my Stats book. If I learned anything it was how to calculate the probability of a binomial. I learned that to do so, one must use the ‘nCr’ button. nCr simply means the ‘number of ways r (the outcome) can occur in n amount of trials. Or, in other words, how many paths to the outcome are there, (when thinking of the tree diagram).

So, perhaps I can’t explain it very well, but I know it way better than I did earlier tonight, which, perhaps might count for something!


Monday and Tuesday make two

Well two days into the New Week. Today was my day off, so I cracked open the big ‘ol Chemistry Lab kit that I received a couple weeks ago. I did the first ‘make-sure-you-remember-how-to-do-a-lab experiment: The Candle Experiment. Its several simple exercises using a lit candle, some foil, ice and a couple jars. I really hoped to be done it real quick, so that I could do a ‘real’ experiment, but it took much longer than it was anticipated to  and *should have* taken. I just uploaded it to my tutor now.  I also went to class and did some stats.. But I’m constantly discouraged with myself for how little I get done.

Here’s some photos from my first ‘lab experiment’  P1080769P1080775Even though it was simple, I still learned something- tinfoil between the candle and the flame will actually cause the flame to go out. This is apparently because the combustion draws up oxygen, and so now the oxygen supply is cut off from the reaction. Something like that….



Well, I’m going to keep trying ~ harder~ Every day..


Okay, so I forgot to post anything last night. I was enjoying time with my bf- I really did mean to write, it just escaped  me….along with time and studying…ack! Well, I can’t say I sat on my butt all week, but I can’t say I learned a lot of chemistry or stats. You’d think I would get more studying done. I mean seriously, I have a relatively easy job, and its only 6 hours per day….

Next week will be better…

Blogging for success!

I’ve been pretty discouraged lately with myself. Why can I not get “more done”? I am *trying* to study basic Chemistry and basic Statistics while working. I see some friends on Facebook posting their weight loss/workout goals online, and giving updates on a regular basis. I thought what a great idea- once you post a goal for people to see, most people would be more likely to stick with it. Peer pressure- the good kind. I know I really enjoy reading of other people’s successes (and failures). It helps me to know other people are going through something similar, plus I can get good ideas to incorporate in my own life.

So, what I have in mind is to write a little bit every day I can on here, and update how my journey in school work is going.. Some days I might just write a line or two or post a photo.

Right now, my goal is to noticeably improve my study habits and routine in the next two weeks.