First of a series of fifteen-minute posts—McDonalds and Maple Sugar

Today, I started working at McDonald’s. I’ve never worked at a fast food place before, and I do not particularly like their food. But I wanted a part-time, flexible job, and thought that the experience might be interesting.The first four shifts are all just training; today I basically just went over policy and basic chores like sweeping, so it wasn’t really interesting. I am offered a job at a garden center, and I believe I will take. I have till tomorrow to decide though, so I will be able to “sleep on it”.

Last Saturday, I went to a maple sugar camp with a couple of my friends, and tasted syrup poured on snow and still-warm maple cream(after watching it being made).

Both of the above mentioned foods are not particularly healthy-at least not when consumed excessively-, so it is a bit ironic that I will now mention that I am looking into studying to become a nutritionist or a dietician.  Ahh…decisions!

Below is a shot of maple cream being made- thick syrup, stirred until it is cold and opaque. Mmm!