Travel to Suid-Afrika

Groete uit Suid-Afrika! This is now the end of day three here, and it will be the 2nd night in a real bed here. Two nights sleep got lost in travellation..

We had a good flight over, and I enjoyed sitting next to the window from home to Montreal; I even managed to spot my house from the air! Food at the Montreal airport wasn’t bad, but it has to be the most expensive airport food I’ve seen yet- $9 CAD for a sandwich. Then off to London, where we window shopped at bit in the airport, and reveled in Marks & Spenser’s food. Mmmm…I was so happy to eat that again.

Arriving in Cape Town, I realized I had come slightly under-prepared for the weather here. In winter, it is anywhere from 4-18 deg. Celsius; sort of like September/October in the Maritimes. Most trees retain their leaves, but some have shed them, giving the place an autumn-like feel to the place (except for the beautiful hibiscus and other plants that are still green and lovely.

Today we ate lunch at  Melissa’s and then at Ocean Basket for supper. At melissa’s, I had rooibos  cappuccino for the first time ever- and loved it! After telling the barrister I was from Canada, I convinced him to tell me some tips on making it; can’t wait to give it a try.

Well, I will try to update this as the vacation progresses!


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